Airstream Travel Trailers for Sale

By · February 25, 2012 · Filed in Airstream News

If contemplating the purchase of a pull-behind travel trailer, it is well worth your time to give Airstream serious consideration. Airstream is the visible result of the dream of Wally Byam who wanted to lock the door to his home but take all the comforts of it with him on the road. Before World War I there were 400 companies in the United States producing travel trailers. Eighty years later, the only one to withstood the test of time and remain in business is Airstream.

There are so many advantages to owning an Airstream it is hard to know where to begin. The combination of unique design coupled with an aluminum body contributes to 20% reduction in wind-resistance, easier, safer handling, better fuel mileage for the towing vehicle, and less problems maintaining speed with other vehicles.

While many travel trailers are self-contained, Airstream’s unique waste-management system bears strong consideration both for convenience and hygiene. Limiting manufacture of trailers and motorhomes to 1,000 per year ensures a top-quality product. Every Airstream undergoes pressurized water testing to ensure no precipitation will permeate the trailer whether parked or on the road. Not only is the chassis rust-proof, but the unique underbelly design allows for rapid water drainage.

Potential purchasers of Airstream trailers have a choice in colors, shapes and sizes. Additional options include everything from a microwave to a flat-screen TV. Regardless of the size, every Airstream offers conveniently-located, ample storage space for destination accessories ranging from skis to beach chairs and sand pails. There are plenty of electrical outlets conveniently and strategically located both on the inside and outside of every trailer.

From Atlantic to Pacific, there are Airstream Parks located all across the USA. Restricted to Airstream users, these parks offer purchase, rental, and leasing of camping sites. In addition to providing safe, off-the-road parking, these sites afford Airstream lovers opportunities to meet, socialize and compare notes with others Airstreamers.

During the space program, Airstream trailers and motorhomes were exclusively-used by NASA. When astronauts aboard Apollo 11 returned from the moon, an Airstream vehicle was used during the quarantine procedure. For all subsequent flights, Airstream vehicles were used for transportation to the launch pad.

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