The Travel Possibilities With The Airstream Sport Are Endless…

By · March 19, 2012 · Filed in Airstream Sport

The travel possibilities for the Airstream Sport are seemingly endless. There is no limit to where you can go and what you can see. The Sport is so extremely easy to use and travel with. You can take it anywhere that you want to drive to. It is light and aerodynamic, which makes it easy to pull on the road and easy at the pump as well. Your travel trailer should never stand between you and where you want to go, which makes the Sport the perfect fit for an independent lifestyle.

Let’s say, for instance, you want to ride over to Chicago to catch Lollapalooza 2012 (which if you have never been, I strongly suggest considering). This three-day music festival is jam-packed with amazing music from sun-up till sundown. There are seven stages to choose from, all running some of the best acts around. All set to the backdrop of iconic Chicago. Plus, no trip to Chicago is complete without at least one slice of deep-dish pizza! A trip to Lollapalooza is more than a festival; it’s the total Chi-town experience.

The best way to soak up all an event like this has to offer is by traveling there is an easy to use, fuel efficient Travel Trailer. If you had an Airstream Sport, getting ready for the trip would be a breeze. There is no fighting for cheap hotel rates or risking a budget in infested with bugs, your accommodations would already be set. All that is left to do is cruise down to the KOA just outside of Chicago. Then simply unhitch your Sport and drive into the city for the concerts. When you return home every night, you don’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle of the city, but the calming relaxation of your home away from home.

From the tranquil color schemes to the modern design, the Airstream Sport is the ideal way to travel. It has the flexibility to take you anywhere and immense comfort to make the trip a pure joy. Dave Arbogast RVs would love to help you find the Sport or any other Airstream Travel Trailer that is right for you. There are several models and plenty of floor plans to choose from. We want you to find the travel trailer perfect for your needs. Visit us online at or in person in Troy, Ohio to explore our massive selection of new and used models. Feel free to give us a call at (888)-716-0645, we would be happy to answer your questions.